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Grand Wailea Builds its Brand One Employee at a Time

My experience with one brand’s representative has made me a believer.

A few weeks back I blogged about being the victim of a travel scam where I believed that I had purchased a 6 day/5 night package to stay at the Waldorf Astoria’s Grand Wailea hotel on the island of Maui. After letting go of some of my anger I decided to call the hotel directly to let them know that their brand was being maligned as part of this scam.

I spoke to the hotel’s reservations manager, Michelle Perkins, who was incredibly empathetic when I explained what had happened. She shared that they were aware that this was going on, had contacted the Better Business Bureau and that their lawyers had been trying to get a cease and desist order against this company. Unfortunately, they had not had much luck as the company orchestrating this was based in Cancun Mexico.

We continued chatting and Michelle asked if we would still consider staying at the Grand Wailea when we came to Maui and then offered to extend an amazing discount to us. But Michelle didn’t stop there. She offered an upgrade upon check-in, if available, waived some additional fees and refused my offer of a deposit.

The grace with which Michelle handled this situation demonstrates the importance of an employee as a representative of the brand. Not only did she help mitigate my anger at being taken, but she’s now made me a passionate advocate for her brand. And that’s before I’ve even had the opportunity to walk through the door.

Do you remember a time when a brand’s representative made that kind of impact on you?

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