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A few months back I started planning a summer trip to Hawaii. My mom, trying to be helpful, called to let me know that she and my dad had gotten a special offer from Delta Corporate Travel offering a 6 day all-inclusive stay at the Grand Wailea for $199 per person.  This was  the hotel we had been planning to book at - it seemed too good to be true. After spending substantial time on the phone with the sales rep and triple-checking the details of the promotion we decided to purchase a package.

It was only when I went to firm up my reservation and secure specific dates did I start to think something wasn’t quite right. The combination of unreturned phone calls, repeated delays in the hotel releasing rooms and reluctance by the reps to answer my questions created that uneasy feeling in my stomach. After eventually reaching a supervisor I thought I was finally going to get this straightened out. That was until he hung up on me. After calling back I was shocked to learn that he had meant to hang up on me and then absolutely outraged when he claimed that he wasn’t liable for what the sales rep had promised me. It was quickly becoming apparent that this was a classic bait and switch scam.

Nothing makes me angrier then being taken advantage of. And yesterday I discovered that I had fallen victim to a phony travel promotion and was out $700. As someone who googles almost everything, I learned that I was not alone in having been duped by this scam. How I wish I had googled before purchasing.

I urge everyone to be rigorous in their scrutiny of special offers that come in unsolicited. In this instance the Delta “connection ” was an outright lie. Be on the lookout a fax from Delta Discount Travel or for promotions from a company doing business as Corporate Travel LLC or My Mexican Vacation and run in the opposite direction.

It will save on the anger. Anger at being the victim of a scam. Anger at losing significant money. Anger at being spoken to so rudely. Anger at yourself for being stupid enough to fall for a scam in the first place.

Any tips for how to spot a scam before becoming its next victim?   

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